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Attention Football Players - Take a look what John Madded; Knute Rockne and Bob Stoops have to say about Wrestling and the impact to Football

Posted Sunday, March 28, 2010 by admin
John Madden, Hall of Fame Football Coach
"I would have all of my Offensive Lineman wrestle if I could."

-Knute Rockne, former Notre Dame football coach
 “Wrestling is certainly an art - no longer does brute strength predominate in wrestling. It is science and condition that carry the wrestler successfully through his encounters. The idea of roughness and brutality is no longer synonymous with wrestling, because science has replaced those aspects with more beneficial retributions.
Wrestling, like football, trains the individual to think and act while in action and under pain. Scientific wrestling helps to construct a sound body and an alert mind, two precious aids of any individual in the struggle of the survival of the fittest.
I believe that wrestling as adopted and practiced in prep schools and universities, under trained coaches, is one of the best constructive sports that an individual can take part in and should be encouraged in prep schools, universities, and other institutions whose aim is to develop young men.”

 -Bob Stoops, Head Coach - Oklahoma
 “Having played football at the University of Iowa and gotten to know legendary Iowa Coach Dan Gable, I have become a big fan of the sport of wrestling. In addition to enjoying the sport, I am convinced that wrestling as a sport is extremely beneficial to football and believe that high school coaches would benefit greatly by allowing their players to wrestle and by recruiting wrestlers. Wrestling helps develop discipline to stay in one’s stance. Wrestlers also generally have good balance, understand leverage and know how to use their hands. This benefits them in blocking, defending blocks and tackling. Perhaps the greatest benefit of wrestling is developing mental and physical toughness. Many of the top football programs like Nebraska have a number of former wrestlers on their team. We have several and I not only allow, but have encouraged these to wrestle in the off-season. I am a football man, but have the greatest respect for wrestling and all those who compete in wrestling.”

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